Beanpoles [noun]

Definition of Beanpoles:

a tall, thin person

Synonyms of Beanpoles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beanpoles:


Sentence/Example of Beanpoles:

"There she is," said the man, pointing to a thing about a mile away which looked like a stray beanpole thrust into the ocean.

Is not that his high-stepping mare and his beanpole of a figure riding beside Benito in yon cloud of dust?

"Our beanpole friend is suggesting that we get out of the shell and stay awhile," said Dex with grim humor.

The beanpole mast had broken off close to where it was stuck in a crack in the barn door, and the sail had fallen on Sue.

A great big thin fellow, as tall as a beanpole, with enormous yellow tusks, which he gnashed like a boar.

However, there their nest was, not the length of a beanpole from those of two pairs of Sparrows.

Tisch, cadaverous beanpole, never felt a loving touch on her shoulder.

Following the direction of his finger I found a stray beanpole thrust somewhat carelessly into the ocean.

The face I finally saw at the top of that beanpole figure was as long as the moral law.

She had a black smudge from the end of the beanpole, which had been in a bonfire, across her forehead.