Beans [noun]

Definition of Beans:

small hard pellet

Synonyms of Beans:

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Sentence/Example of Beans:

Once even a blue bean (a bullet) made sad work with my head, and my fist has got a deuce of a smashing.

Brazilian bean; the common bean, Phaseolus vulgaris, indigenous to America.

Called "Brazilian bean," because it resembled a bean then known in France by that name.

They are coffee-bean-shaped cocci which lie in pairs with their flat surfaces together (Fig. 116).

At daylight he opened another can of beans and made himself two thick bean sandwiches, and walked on while he ate them slowly.

Corn Plume desired to keep Bean Maiden forever close to him.

In a short time he returned, with the bird in his hand, but found not a bean left, and Kees missing.

He rayther treated him like an intelligent munky than a man, and ordered him about as if he'd bean my lady's footman.

The scent of flowering bean-fields fills the air, and the hum of wild bees is heard above the other sounds of the fields.

The initiation fees of this society are rather extravagant, and the proceeds are devoted principally to the purchase of the bean.