Bearable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Bearable:

To render this state of things bearable, the inhabitants use, besides the punkas in the rooms, wicker-work made of bamboo.

The harsh clamor and the dirty disagreeable work were bearable before, but it would not be the same with Robert away.

“We all think the toothache would be so much more bearable, if it were only in the other tooth,” said the Professor.

The sky was cloudy all day, and the temperature was therefore more bearable, but the weather was very threatening.

The cool morning air made it bearable for man and beast to trek.

Our lives are only bearable provided we do not think about them.

It would have been bearable to stand an ordinary siege, but when they had their own citadel against them, what could they do?

The weather was still warm, but a little more bearable, owing to a light, grateful breeze that came down the river.

Here their glass roofs radiate an insufferable heat, which only in the coldest and most intemperate months is at all bearable.

The very kindness, too, and pity which he knew surrounded him were scarcely more bearable.