Beardier [adjective]

Definition of Beardier:

having facial hair

Synonyms of Beardier:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beardier:


Sentence/Example of Beardier:

I guess pretty much everybody's a Beardy Man nowadays, if he ain't a Dunkard!

There were shimmering gleams of pearly white and ivory yellow, under beardy trails of moss old as the marble out of which it grew.

"That's very interesting," said Cuthbert politely, but Beardy Ned didn't seem to hear.

Beardy Ned held it in the palm of his hand, as though he were weighing it, while he looked at Cuthbert.

But on the top of the bank he turned round for a moment and looked down again at Beardy Ned.

The women and children were wild with apprehension of possibly falling into the hands of Beardy's tribe.

When they met Beardy he was in a repentant mood and shook hands with the Governor.

On the way he overtook the band of Indians with Chief Beardy.

For beside Beardy Ned stood a girl of nineteen, who had been paddling in the stream.

Then Beardy Ned felt in his pocket and pulled out the end of a candle.