Bearding [noun]

Definition of Bearding:

facial hair on human

Synonyms of Bearding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bearding:


Sentence/Example of Bearding:

She walked across the room and returned with a passport-sized photograph of her late husband – a man who looked to be in his late 60s with a long beard and a blank look on his face.

He came to food after an attempt at a life as a performer, and following a stint in catering and a gig hosting his own cooking show, Beard’s early cookbooks weren’t smash hits, his point of view not yet fully evolved.

Sanitation should be viewed as a basic human need, Beard says.

On occasions, the bridges were stylized with embossing to mimic the moustache and the beard.

He thrust his tiny tuft of beard between his teeth—a trick he had when perplexed or thoughtful.

"I've told Judy to bemember," said Punch, wiggling, for his father's beard tickled his neck.

His face was hidden beneath a beard of bristling, bushy red, and he had a sharp hook nose and small, bright eyes.

Now he was wagging his head solemnly, pulling his beard, and over and over repeating, "But hens is contrary—hens is contrary."

The Seneschal combed his beard and screwed up his pale eyes until they vanished in the cushions of his cheeks.

She slept hours in his arms, one little hand hid in his dark beard, close to his lips, and kissed again and again when no one saw.