Beardless [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Beardless:

But, there is a beardless youth, follow'd by a cowardly serving man, who presses hard to see you.

Their bodies gleamed a light bronze color in the sun, and Kieran noticed that the men were beardless and smooth-skinned.

And, beardless though those directors were, that statement made them reel.

But the handsome, beardless face of the sledge-driver looked mournful and downcast.

They were beardless; some of them were naked, others were clothed in the skins of wild beasts; there were no women with them.

His beardless cheek with a smile was spanned, As he stood with a carriage whip in his hand.

His face was large and beardless, and he had beautiful teeth.

This is a Saint, as he has the nimbus round his head, and from his young and beardless face it is probably St. John.

In derision, the monster asked what she thought now of her beardless boy, and said, "That is the way I tame haughty maids."

Mere boys—youthful enthusiasm shining on their beardless faces.