Bearers [noun]

Definition of Bearers:

person who carries messages or deliveries

Synonyms of Bearers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bearers:

Sentence/Example of Bearers:

What the armor-bearer was for the warlike races of old, such is the tchbukdi for their degenerate descendants.

The poor devil willingly undertook to deliver it, and the marshal, as directed, caused the bearer to receive a hearty flogging.

The color-bearer went down, but the flag was seized by Randolph Hamilton, and held aloft.

Summoning a fruit-seller, the bearer led the Gwalior men to the rendezvous named and distributed mangoes amongst them.

The court held that the checks were not payable to bearer and that the bank was not protected in paying them.

But not so: the postilion was an actual baron, the bearer of an ancient name, the descendant of gallant gentlemen.

At night the train is increased by the addition of a torch-bearer, to scare off the wild beasts by the glare of his torch.

Mercury was worshipped under the name Criophorus, or the Ram-bearer, and was thus represented in painting and statuary.

Among the papers found was a pass from General Hindman, asking all good Confederates to aid the bearer all possible.

I wish you to repeat your friend's reply to Mr. Pemberton, when he was the bearer of a civil message from me.