Bearings [noun]

Definition of Bearings:

person's conduct, posture

Synonyms of Bearings:

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Sentence/Example of Bearings:

If one starts out in a haphazard way, it takes him a long time to find his bearings, and much valuable time is lost.

As the Cabinet are anxious to consider my situation in all its bearings, it is necessary I should open to you all my mind.

It went out in a few seconds, but not before the master of the tug had taken its bearings and altered his course.

The ends of the balance staff are made very small so as to form very delicate pivots which turn in jewel bearings.

He tried to think, tried to co-ordinate events, tried to understand the true bearings of the situation.

The discussion was closed by the Bishop of Exeter, who, in a long and ingenious speech, opposed the bill in all its bearings.

He entered at length into the transaction, and concluded by asserting that there could not be a grosser case in all its bearings.

Neither do rusted bearings wear so long as those properly protected.

The parts of a shaft or axle which rest upon the bearings or supports are called journals, pivots, or collars.

The horizontal shaft and gear wheel are taken out and the bearings reamed out for a 1/2-in.