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While Neumann’s job meant she was involved, Troye was consistently bearing witness not just early in the outbreak, but through its resurgence this summer, when virtually every other First World country had things much more under control.

As wildfires bear down on the West Coast, many have lost their homes or had to evacuate.

Bernstein notes that while further study is required, there is evidence that air pollution affects birth outcomes—babies are more like to be born pre-term or at low birth weights—and development.

Since they’re born in freshwater streams but then migrate to the sea to mature, salmon serve as a link between saltwater and freshwater ecosystems, bringing nutrients from the oceans inland and vice versa.

He was born in Scranton and grew up and still resides in Wilmington, a short drive down Interstate 95 from Philadelphia.

It was under these conditions that Bevel was born and Tristan began his trek up and down Sand Hill Road to raise money.

Yet of the Bristol Pirates’ 24 rostered players for the 2019 season, 11 were born outside America.

It was also born out of the livestream commerce model largely driven by influencers that has been successful in Asia for several years but has not yet made its way to the west.

When we did, we were actually seeing sentiments dropping prior to us effectively communicating here’s what’s going on with our systems and with the volumes, bear with us, we are going to turn this around.

Like many low-income neighborhoods, where residents disproportionately work in restaurants and retail jobs, Slavic Village had borne the economic brunt of the public health measures imposed in late March.