Beasties [noun]

Definition of Beasties:

large wild animal; brute

Synonyms of Beasties:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beasties:


Sentence/Example of Beasties:

And wasn't he the provoked old beastie, though, when he saw that his rabbit supper was gone?

At last the earth gave way, and the “wee beastie” emerged from his den, with all his darts prepared for the charge.

"I do declar' he tak's more fash after yon little yaller beastie than iver he does after his own flesh," she muttered.

Any more than they did when Sir John Suckling apostrophised the "wee, sleekit, cow'rin', tim'rous beastie."

I have seen mony are o' them in Drumshorlin Muir; it is a little black beastie, about the size of my thoom-nail.

If Mr. Stewart had children he would as soon think of leaving them unnamed as to let a "beastie" go without a name.

Yon puir beastie kens mair, ay, an' sees mair nor you nor me!

If ever an animal deserved such a name, this was the beastie.

Smoke, you mysterious beastie, what in the world are you about?

Here, take the beastie, I'm going back to bed before I get full of 'em.