Beastliest [adjective]

Definition of Beastliest:

bad, hopeless

Synonyms of Beastliest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beastliest:

Sentence/Example of Beastliest:

Why, ma'am, I made ten thousand pounds by selling the beastliest lemonade you ever tasted for gold-dust at the mines.

Horace Walpole in the eighteenth century, called Paris "the beastliest town in the universe."

I moped around aimlessly for an hour or two, telling myself that Berlin was the beastliest hole on the face of the earth.

"I think it's just the horridest, beastliest thing I ever saw," she answered, and turned away.

Tommy, you shut up, or I'll give you the beastliest physic I know!

It was the beastliest thing that had ever happened to him—beastliest thing that had ever happened to any fellow!