Beastlike [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Beastlike:

He thought he glimpsed, more than once, huge beastlike forms moving in them.

It is one of the most beastly of all the beastlike traits in the moral physiognomy of man.

The two beastlike wretches groan and strain at their fetters.

There was a beastlike note in his voice that made the short hairs on Kennon's neck prickle.

All these people, like himself, grown wild and beastlike, were seized by the same dark wave and carried away like rubbish.

Its frightful beak opened and closed, its beastlike talons sought to clutch support, its owl-like eyes became glazed and fixed.

In his heavy-lidded eyes, under-hung by watery pouches of sin and dissipation, there was a vengeful and beastlike glare.

There came from him an indescribable reek of tobacco, whisky, filthy clothes, and the beastlike odor of an unclean body.

Lifting his sword, he sprang at me with a beastlike scream of rage and hate.