Beatitudes [noun]

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A smile of beatitude spread over his enormous countenance during the process.

Life has few direr disenchanters than the morning smells of obsolete tobacco, relics though they be of hesternal beatitude.

Flowers and fruits may be the emblems of future beatitude; and a loaf, of the bread of life or of the holy eucharist.

Until quite lately his Beatitude maintained a court jester also—one Shlimun (Solomon), who died a few years ago.

An expression of absolute beatitude spread over the countenance of Mandy McGovern.

True beatitude and the joys it yields must be derived from the constant disposition of the soul.

"Slaves, obey your masters," "a comfortable Scripture" truly; a beatitude for the stealers of men!

Since then Stone, as is the case with many other country towns, has shared in the beatitude of having no history.

Under her drooping hat her face was almost vacant in a wide beatitude of harmony with the spirit of day.

I hoped to escape the commonplace by reaching some beatitude, but now I have found that nothing really is commonplace.