Beats [adjective]

Definition of Beats:

very tired

Synonyms of Beats:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beats:

Sentence/Example of Beats:

Even if poverty were gone, the flail could still beat hard enough upon the grain and chaff of humanity.

His face flushed with annoyance, and taking off his soft hat he began to beat it impatiently against his leg as he walked.

The pulse in Louis's temples beat hard; yet he was determined not to anticipate, but make Wharton explain himself.

To be sure, he hadn't seen Mrs. Robin go, but he had heard the beat of her wings as she began her flight.

We should easily beat this in America with anything like equal facilities, and without charging the British price—£4 7s.

His heart now beat high with hope, for he believed that he was about to realise his ancient dream.

He was ready to drop when he reached it, and his heart beat like a hammer against his ribs.

The hot sun beat down upon the streets and houses, but awoke no life.

Stunned by the reception they received, those who had not been killed or wounded beat a hasty retreat.

A white flag waved on the rampart, and the drums of the garrison beat the chamade.