Beau [noun]

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Celuy-cy avoit souvent esvad le danger d'estre noy, et tout fraischement le beau jour de la Pentecoste dernire.

At least this is as far as my observation of him goes on the few occasions I have seen him in the beau monde.

A coquette is said to be an imperfect incarnation of Cupid, as she keeps her beau, and not her arrows, in a quiver.

Then he started, and suffered five suffocating minutes in the public sitting-room of the Beau Soleil.

A beau highwayman and a miserable chimney sweeper were to be hanged together at Newgate for their respective deserts.

But Mr. Thompson (afterwards Sir James), the beau, was in the chair, and thought there had been talking enough.

Beau Brummel can be about left center, examining him through a lorgnon, or better, indicating him to a belle in a powdered wig.

As Rachel surmised, the latter had a beau; and Ida's hasty survey excited a feeling of surprise.

"Miss Josephine must 'spect her beau; she's mightily fined off," commented Rachel, when she came up from her meal.

The old beau no longer knows any one, and can congratulate himself on being unknown.