Beauteous [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Beauteous:

Embodying in itself all the others, in some aspects of its character it presents these united in a singular and beauteous whole.

More beauteous than what is simply material, is it to the mind's eye as a Covenant sign.

That 'ere beauteous maid is to be worshipped from afar—jest like a star.

One of Eothwald's hands rested on the word Duva, which he had finished chiselling beneath his beauteous beloved.

Who can discover or fully explain the nature, order, and beauteous economy, displayed in the animate and inanimate creation?

Internal faction and a foreign foe reduced that beauteous city and magnificent sanctuary, to a heap of ruins.

At love should no one ever wonder in another: a beauteous countenance oft captivates the wise, which captivates not the foolish.

I will sail away in her, and this beautiful treasure shall sail with me as my bride, my beauteous bride.

Near her majesty stood the young Countess de M——, and the fascination of her beauteous eye enchained my faculties.

That is to me the hardest of all my woes, that Svanhild's beauteous locks should in the mire be trodden under horses' feet.