Beautifies [verb]

Definition of Beautifies:

make more physically attractive

Synonyms of Beautifies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beautifies:

Sentence/Example of Beautifies:

The right fish tank can beautify a space, and keep your fish healthy and happy for a long time.

Google is taking aim at photo face filters and other “beautifying” techniques that mental health experts believe can warp a person’s self-confidence, particularly when they’re introduced to younger users.

Envac, the Swedish company that controls most of the trash-tube market, says its infrastructure beautifies city streets, curbs carbon emissions and traffic snarls caused by garbage trucks, and keeps the rats away.

When they hear of trouble on the Mountain the selectmen look the other way, and pass an appropriation to beautify the town pump.

Then a sweet little pink flower said, “Do not grieve mother, I will go up upon your robe and beautify it.”

Are not flowers and shrubs which beautify the lawn as desirable as beans and turnips and cabbages?

The letter to Bliss and the proofs were full of suggested changes that would refine and beautify the text.

Notwithstanding all hindrances, it is an easier matter to beautify the outside than to reform that which is within.

In veritate, this is a goodly and substantial house, and one fitted to beautify holiness.

A paint or composition used by the ladies to beautify the face and heighten the complexion.