Beautifying [verb]

Definition of Beautifying:

make more physically attractive

Synonyms of Beautifying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beautifying:

Sentence/Example of Beautifying:

He encouraged and helped carry out the beautifying of Williamsburg, the new capital city.

In some natures the giving even of unrequited love is beautifying to the character.

A deep, beautifying flush swept across the face under the deplorable old hat.

They were bending their valuable energies toward beautifying themselves for the evening.

The application of electricity—light divorced from smoke and heat—to the beautifying of city life is as yet in its infancy.

How sweetly the tune that is written is saying that obeying is meaning that apologising is not beautifying.

There had been some discussion as to improving and beautifying the city of San Francisco prior to the catastrophe of April 18th.

They are gradually improving and beautifying their surroundings, so as to make out of this secluded spot a paradise.

And I, in my turn, ought to be beautifying my belongings for those who come after me.'

But, in this act of beautifying their narrow field, they had done nothing to enlarge it.