Beauts [noun]

Definition of Beauts:

good-looking person

Synonyms of Beauts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beauts:

Sentence/Example of Beauts:

Les beauts sont si frappantes, que malgr mon ignorance dans la langue Angloise, elles n'ont pu m'chapper.

You havent had a good pair of horns yet, and that fellow has some beauts.

"They are 'beauts,' all of them, and I'll give them a good chance to spread themselves," said Sam.

Or was it showin' him that gals as had a chance might grow up beauts like this young lady?

C'est ce qu'a bien compris Victor Hugo, qui a si fidlement traduit et surpass encore les beauts du texte original.'

Well, these Arctic horrors are Ziegfeld beauts compared to the Martian fair sex.