Beavers [noun]

Definition of Beavers:

eager beaver

Synonyms of Beavers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beavers:


Sentence/Example of Beavers:

They also took advantage of the necessity of others, in miserly traffic in Beaver skins with the Savages.

These precautions are necessary, because, like all enterprising animals, the beaver is not without enemies.

From what has been said, it will be readily seen that the maintenance of the dam is a matter of vital importance to the beaver.

After dinner to horse again, being in nothing troubled but the badness of my hat, which I borrowed to save my beaver.

They heard nothing further from the scouts until late in the day, and then Black Beaver overtook them.

"Black Beaver says he saw three wolves peeping over the top of some rocks," said Red Dog.

A beaver is a small animal measuring about three feet, and has fine glossy dark brown hair.

At Beaver Dam he spread the chunks of rock out on the bar of the principal saloon and invited inspection.

So saying, he cast on his beaver, struck the soldier across the shoulders with his sheathed sword, and ran down stairs.

I should like to see her when she hath exchanged her mask and riding-beaver for her peaked hat and muffler.