Because [conjuction]

Definition of Because:

on account of

Opposite/Antonyms of Because:


Sentence/Example of Because:

Because he's joined the colors—he's not dead!Because he's found his duty—he's not lost!

I will drive you over-because it is rather a lonesome walk for you.

He was silent; and presently she said: "I—the reason of it—my crying—is b-b-because I don't wish you to be unhappy."

Can you picture a room where the portires are all of different lengths?because the decorator had no sense of line value?

At length she stammered: "I did not come b-because I simply couldn't stand it!"

Nobody questioned, nobody wondered any more-because nobody had time to remember.

Have it which side you choose!because it really doesnt matter nowadays.

B-because of my f-friend Higgins I'll let y-you off this t-time, but remember the j-judge and let w-whiskey alone.

He was angry, too-more than angry-because he felt so helpless, a sensation that was new and stifling.

So I said to Sloper, "Why, b-because they both get blown—in time!"