Beckon [verb]

Definition of Beckon:

call, signal, or lure

Synonyms of Beckon:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beckon:

Sentence/Example of Beckon:

But the longest red-letter day has its ending, and time and tide beckon one with the brutality of an impatient jailer.

You have only to mount your horse, beckon to your negro, and follow the path you will find at the back of the house.

Like a football player picking a hole in the line, I had seen the bedroom door open and a friendly hand beckon.

They saw the professor dance wildly around and beckon to them.

He parted the hanging blankets and went in, emerging after a little while to beckon me.

Have I the power to beckon to those hills yonder, and bid them bow their everlasting heads?

They seem to think that a woman tied down to a newspaper desk, has only to beckon and the universe hastens to do her bidding.

Euphrosyne wished that he would come out, within sight of the beckon of her hand.

I could observe his glistening orbs, and his attitude of pride, as he turned at intervals to beckon his followers on.

Two faces appear—are at the door—sweet female faces, and behold they beckon him.