Beckoned [verb]

Definition of Beckoned:

call, signal, or lure

Synonyms of Beckoned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beckoned:

Sentence/Example of Beckoned:

Don Diego beckoned two guards, who immediately drew near their prisoner.

For some moments the girls talked a rapid duet, then Isabel turned suddenly and beckoned.

When he had got through, and had left some medicine, he beckoned Matt to follow him out on the porch.

Chet beckoned her out to have a part in the fun; but much more serious matters filled Jess Morses mind.

At the third entr'acte she turned and said two words: the count left the box, and Marguerite beckoned to me to come to her.

They never knew how long they had sat there on the stairs when Dr. Ware opened the bedroom door and beckoned them in.

Half an hour later, after a diligent consultation of certain books, he slipped back and beckoned OLeary into the hall.

The affectionate Dario was already in the street, wrapped in his mantle; he beckoned to us and followed us a long way.

The bailiff having finished his reading, beckoned to a serf named Peter the Lame.

You told me not so long ago that you could not find your call, that the world still beckoned you.