Beckoning [verb]

Definition of Beckoning:

call, signal, or lure

Synonyms of Beckoning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beckoning:

Sentence/Example of Beckoning:

If God put a "will" on Adam's back, and the will followed the beckoning finger of Eve, whose fault was that?

Not until it was repeated more loudly, and imperatively, did he turn to see Fortunio beckoning him.

When the man had finished, Clip said something in a sharp tone and started down the slope, beckoning Matt to follow.

Isabel's theory of life—for women of her make—had not altered a whit, but the beckoning finger had lost its vigor.

Just before reaching the river we heard shouts behind us, and saw a man beckoning and running after us.

Mademoiselle made no other answer than by beckoning to me, and in the same moment putting on her bonnet.

She pointed to her father and her sisters, who were beckoning to them in the distance and hastening to come up with them.

When Clara first caught sight of Thurstane he was beckoning for one of the Indians to approach.

To his surprise, instead of the girl, it was Mr. Cornelius who stood at the door, beckoning and mysterious.

And Sssuri accepted that as an invitation to descend, summoning Dalgard after him with a beckoning finger.