Becks [noun]

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Even Chet Belding, who was always at her beck and call, was terribly busy these days.

Love has come rushing to the beck of a tip-tilted chin, or the tone of a voice, or the droop of an eyelid.

Which being done I took leave and supped at my father's, where was my cozen Beck come lately out of the country.

Many men were at his beck throughout that winter, and when the spring-tide came called he a muster and gat him many more.

There was a patient, sweet-smiling woman in nurse's costume who came and went to the beck and call of every man of us.

I was surrounded by a retinue of servants, who stood ready to answer every beck and call.

Two miles further west a large frame tavern on the north side of the road, was kept by Mrs. Sarah Beck as early as 1832.

Mrs. Beck was succeeded in this house by Samuel Node, who retained the good will and patronage extended to his predecessor.

The ground was sandy in spots, and I guess we made a purty good load fur Beck, the old mule.

"Be cust if I'd have done either o't," said Beck Knibbs, a married helper from one of the cottages.