Becoming [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Becoming:

His repeated coughing seemed a constant warning that at any moment he might be vanquished in the struggle for becoming silence.

The others being all agreed, Tom consented, with becoming modesty, to take the post of honour and of danger.

There was in his voice a sound of warm yet almost childlike enthusiasm, with which she was becoming very familiar.

The varnish is of first quality, and his violins are yearly becoming more valuable and of greater importance.

Fine examples of the works of his pupils are now becoming very valuable, and are well worthy attention.

It is now becoming more and more common to arrange for the transference of stops from one keyboard to another.

What pleased me most was, that both the dress and behaviour of the military young ladies were highly becoming.

Melodic forms were being modified, while harmony was becoming more varied and divided.

"Look here, old man, this superstitious nonsense is becoming an obsession to you," it said one fine April morning.

To fall from the sublime to the ridiculous is especially awkward, and results in becoming very particularly ridiculous yourself.