Becomingly [adverb]

Definition of Becomingly:

appropriately, suitably

Synonyms of Becomingly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Becomingly:

Sentence/Example of Becomingly:

Severne took his trouble henceforward in a becomingly serious-minded manner.

When she sat down after finishing her papers her face was always becomingly flushed with pleasure.

I felt that, though I had intended to give him up, I could not now becomingly marry any other man, and that I ought to marry him.

Her rich golden-brown hair was waved becomingly over her forehead.

His castle in the north was one of the glories of the land, and becomingly crowned his vast domain.

Unfortunately, it was not in Byrons nature to bear things becomingly; he could not restrain the exhibition of his inner mind.

A brown silk shawl lay most becomingly over her beautiful hair.

And the lady, rising with her face becomingly flushed beneath her fuzzy brown hair, smiled, and did not remark the sneer.

If he did not choose the uppermost seats he occupied them becomingly when once bidden to take them.

Yes, Coralie is charming, she knows more about287 how to put clothes on becomingly than any other woman.