Becomingnesses [noun]

Definition of Becomingnesses:

suitableness, appropriateness

Opposite/Antonyms of Becomingnesses:

Sentence/Example of Becomingnesses:

Changing a pattern the slightest sometimes makes a great deal of difference in its becomingness.

As he put on his new clothes he felt the moral support which the becomingness of dress alone can give.

So often girls forget that the becomingness of a hat will depend on the way the hair is taken care of or dressed.

Much as she disliked the idea of Blue Bonnet's putting up her hair, she could not deny the becomingness of it.

I am not speaking of becomingness and grace; I am speaking of health and conservation of force.

Their beauty, their becomingness, their comfort, actually colored her days.

Ladies dress elegantly, and in any manner, or color, that fancy or becomingness may dictate.

The becomingness of Cecilia's gray, or rather white, hair struck me more than any other change in her.

Mr. Dinsmore assigned Mildred the seat of honor at his right hand, and complimented her on the becomingness of her attire.

The Japanese robe of "midnight blue," embroidered in yellows, heightened the impression of vigorous health by its becomingness.