Bedbug [noun]

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In fact, an Indian and a louse are natural allies—boon companions—and are as inseparable as the boarding-house bed and the bedbug.

The bedbug has not been seen in a year in Porto Rico, though there is no reason why it should not be here.

The bedbug is more of a tradition than a fact, and many of those who shudder at mention of him have never seen one of his kind.

Ants, especially the white ant, pay frequent visits to the house, but the worst scourge of all is the ravenous bedbug.

In Kansas, the bedbug is improperly called the chintz-bug, and is believed to dwell under the bark of the cotton-wood tree.

The spread of the bedbug is mainly due to its being carried from place to place in furniture and clothing.

The bedbug (Fig. 35) (Cimex lectularis) has been accused of transmitting plague, relapsing fever and other diseases.

The wood-tick is a small, rather disgusting-looking creature which, in appearance and size, resembles the common bedbug.

Well, I should eat a bedbug, if you can surpass it in this old town for dazzle.

I've just been bit be a bedbug—an' I t'ought there wasn't a bedbug in the ship!