Bedchambers [noun]

Definition of Bedchambers:

place for sleeping

Synonyms of Bedchambers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bedchambers:


Sentence/Example of Bedchambers:

I am in the front attic, which is the bedchamber to be preferred.

She moved to her bedchamber window which looked upon the garden.

Mr. Pickwick seized the watch in triumph, and proceeded to retrace his steps to his bedchamber.

She turned, and saw Helena standing at the half open bedchamber door.

By an unfrequented path she used to gain the window that looked into Lady Delacour's bedchamber.

At Ligny, in Champagne, a Huguenot was pursued into the very bedchamber of a royal officer, and there killed.

She called loudly in alarm, and Schmidt, coming in haste from his room and lifting him, carried him to his bedchamber.

While writing this memoir, I have found in the Persian rug in my own bedchamber sixteen figures of the Swastika.

And even Anjou, who chanced to be indisposed, received him in his bedchamber with a show of friendliness.

The meeting took place by night, in Navarre's bedchamber, in the little hamlet of St. Prix.