Bedded [verb]

Definition of Bedded:


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Sentence/Example of Bedded:

Bedded in the soft earth underneath lay the slim buckskin sacks.

She was propped up at first only by the bunch of fruit trees, but by-and-by we bedded her in stones.

Beneath them the cross-bedded sandstone appears, showing a mottled surface of pale-pinkish hue.

Not a sound came out of the sheep, bedded on the hillside in contentment, secure in their trust of men and dogs.

His stomach had made a little depression in the grass as he whirled, and he was now nicely bedded down for a real spin.

Soon, however, I was ousted from my single-bedded blessedness by a more worthy madman.

The cattle were quickly bedded down and guards placed around them almost immediately, for the clouds were threatening.

With the skill of an old cowman Tad had bedded down the herd and began to ride slowly about them, whistling vigorously.

It's too near dark now to do any more work; and, besides, I guess the cattle are bedded down for the night.

The right section of the herd was now bedded within a short distance of the church.