Bedecks [verb]

Definition of Bedecks:

dress up

Synonyms of Bedecks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bedecks:


Sentence/Example of Bedecks:

Dafydd might not like him to bedeck himself thus, and what Dafydd might think always mattered a great deal in Llanyglo.

A refined woman will always look neat; but, on the other hand, she will not bedizen and bedeck herself with a view to display.

Bedeck the pile about with shields and hangings, a variegated corpse-cloth, and multitude of slain.

Sons and grandsons, loving princes, thou shalt never see again, Kinsmen brave and car-borne chieftains will bedeck the gory plain!

You seek to advance in the paths of useful knowledge, but neglect not the flowers that bedeck the way.

He is less inclined to bedeck them with frills but he will plan years ahead for their education.

And suddenly upon the day appear'd A day new-ris'n, as he, who hath the power, Had with another sun bedeck'd the sky.

While gems bedeck thy wings, and gems thy hair; in thy golden chariot shalt thou go, resplendent thyself with gold.

Indeed it is the other way, for the accessories required to bedeck the person will cost at least £25.

Slaves of fashion were parents of that day to bedeck their boys with such rich wigs.