Bedevils [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Bedevils:

What's become of that little boot-black that you used to bedevil?

Of all the vegetables calculated to bedevil human beings, he decided, growing corn was the worst.

This contract in a very few years arose to bedevil the railroad situation in the North Country.

I've been listening to you trying to bedevil that man out there, but I'm afraid your humor is a little on the slap-stick order.

These miserable slaves and reptiles—mongrel Spaniards and mongrel Indians—can not very long bedevil that great country.

Which, by the same token, presently lost track of him entirely, and wandered off to find and bedevil some other poor devil.

Paul Kelpy, thou wert an honest cut-throat, to bedevil so good a house: we turn it to account—ha, ha!

And I love him for it, although I believe I do like to bedevil him a little.