Bedewed [verb]

Definition of Bedewed:

make wet, damp

Synonyms of Bedewed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bedewed:

Sentence/Example of Bedewed:

But then, most likely thou wilt pity Balder, And with a hot, a precious tear bedew him!

The thermometer registers a subnormal temperature, the extremities are cold, and cold sweats bedew the body.

Here bore him barefac'd on his bier Six proper youths and tall, And many a tear bedew'd his grave Within yon kirk-yard wall.

O weep not, lady, weep not soe; Some ghostly comfort seek: Let not vain sorrow rive thy heart, Ne teares bedew thy cheek.

In this consecrated spot may memory come to embalm his name, and love bedew with her fondest tears the turf which wraps his clay.

Bedew my cheeks with the froth of good ale on your beard while my throat lacks the good body o't!

They were buried in one grave, over which fragrant flowers bloom every spring, where friendly tears bedew the soil.

This favor was granted him, and daily did he bedew his pillow with tears.

She could only press the little boy to her heart and bedew his face with tears.

Should I not bedew with my tears the graves of my sister and her children?