Bedims [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Bedims:

I owe so much to Mr. Bok that language fails me when I try about his kindnesses to talk, and briny tears bedim my eye.

A little joy on earth, they think, will not bedim the lustre of a life that is to come—if such there be.

This is all so simple and so clear, if only we did not with hypocrisy bedim the truth which is revealed to us.

Then her face flushed, and a warm cloud seemed to bedim her eyes.

It is sometimes intensive, as in bestir, and converts an adjective into a verb, as in bedim.

Here is his sure title to nobility—a title that neither time nor eternity can ever tarnish or bedim.

No men have done more to bedim the reputation of Washington, than Jefferson and Randolph.

Fear not, ye maids, who love to hear me speak; Let no desponding tears bedim your cheek!

What though a few clouds bedim and deform "the innocent brightness of the new-born day?"

He cast his eyes on that rider,—but one glance was enough to bedim his eye-sight, if not to scare away his reason.