Bedlamites [noun]

Definition of Bedlamites:

person who is considered mentally ill

Synonyms of Bedlamites:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bedlamites:


Sentence/Example of Bedlamites:

Their gestures and violent contortions of countenance resembled the frantic ravings of Bedlamites.

Some red-coated bedlamites, unfortunately infatuated with wine, had to be held from jumping overboard.

I have caught the infection, I said, and am one of the bedlamites.

There was a lot of poles stuck up around with signs on 'em, and around every pole was a circle of bedlamites hollerin' like loons.

She heard that the Austrian Government was plainly composed of a set of Bedlamites, "scratching matches in a powder-magazine."

It seemed to the placid old gentleman that he was fallen among a parcel of Bedlamites.

They seemed a lot of Bedlamites turned out as if to dispute our passage down the river.

And if anybody omitted to back her, all I can nay is, serve them right for a pack of goose-brained Bedlamites.

A small bell had rung to summon the Bedlamites into the great gallery.

In 1792 the king was tried, condemned and deposed, and a republic was established; but it was a republic of bedlamites.