Bedlams [noun]

Definition of Bedlams:

chaotic situation

Synonyms of Bedlams:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bedlams:

Sentence/Example of Bedlams:

My wife agreed to have a look, and we strolled onto the pier to find it in total shrimping bedlam.

He was remitted to Bedlam, and became an awful warning that God will not always be insulted with impunity.

Among other disguises, many affected madness, and were distinguished by the name of Bedlam Beggars.

There followed a wild yell, a pandemonium as though Bedlam had been turned loose, and then a heavy fall and sudden quiet.

For a second she was uncertain from whence the bedlam came; then she leaped from the bed and ran to the closed door.

The mad maid of the poets is a vagrant too, when she is free, and not singing within Bedlam early in the morning, “in the spring.”

Meantime whisky flowed like water, and the men, far gone in liquor, turned the place into a bedlam.

But he, from gazing upon her, became so devoured with Beauty-hunger as to nearly fit himself for Bedlam.

O master, ist you that speak bandog and Bedlam this morning?

It all happened in a flash,—before I could catch my breath the table was overturned, chairs were flying, bedlam had broken loose.