Bedpans [noun]

Definition of Bedpans:

container as toilet

Synonyms of Bedpans:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bedpans:


Sentence/Example of Bedpans:

The bedpan and eating utensils must be frequently scalded in boiling water.

The patient should be kept in bed, a bedpan being used when the bowels move.

Also they should have bedpan or whatever other attention they need regularly, and when asked for, immediately.

Usually the first thing to do in the morning is to close or open the window as necessary, and to give the patient a bedpan.

It is sometimes desirable to place the patient on a bedpan and rinse the parts by a gentle stream of warm water poured from a jug.

If the patient does not ask for the bedpan, the attendant should offer it at suitable times.

Empty the bedpan and clean it at once; ordinarily one can clean it without wetting or soiling the hands.

Contents of both bedpan and urinal should always be carefully inspected; neither should be emptied in the dark.

The patient should not rise from his bed, but should use a bedpan or other receptacle.

Rest in bed is absolutely necessary; the patient must be induced to use a bedpan.