Bedraggled [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Bedraggled:

They presented an uncouth spectacle bedraggled as they were with grime and dirty water.

Mrs. John C. was bedraggled from loss of sleep, and defeat sat upon her shining brow.

He is dressed neither in a rainbow, nor bedraggled with blood.

Professor Zepplin made a joke of his own bedraggled condition, and the boys gave slight heed to theirs.

The bedraggled cat lapped milk, protected from the resentful jealousy of the station's regular feline attach by the one-eyed cook.

Indeed, it would be hard to imagine a more uninteresting, bedraggled, down-at-the-heel place than this.

Surely there never showed a less heroic figure on a stranger defiance than that of Mr. Peabody, torn, bedraggled, and besmeared.

Such an adventure attempted by as bedraggled a cavalier as he, might easily land him in a police station.

It was as if by doing so, he could only reach her mud-spattered and chipped and bedraggled, an unworthy, battered object.

"Who ever would have thought there were so many of those Rain Elves," said a bedraggled-looking flower.