Bedridden [adjective]

Definition of Bedridden:

sick in bed

Synonyms of Bedridden:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bedridden:

Sentence/Example of Bedridden:

One of these calls led him to a house where an old woman was bedridden.

The old Signora Montani is bedridden; how could she get to mass?

But she had his bedridden mother to look after, and the children, and she broke down under it, and finally had to ask for help.

Elvira's bedridden old mother heard me, and she was so crazy for some one to talk with, I stepped in a minute.

He is sitting in a cottars house, reading the Bible to an old bedridden woman, the farm servants gathered round to get his word.

Not only was the house empty, but, with the exception of a few sick and bedridden old people, there was not a soul in the village.

He mentioned to me as a secret, that he is courting a young lady who has, as no doubt you are aware, a bedridden Pa.

I was called upon to help my father, now quite weak and almost bedridden; at all events I could assist him in his correspondence.

The wound that Bud had inflicted had healed slowly and he had lain long bedridden.

The Madam stayed in Washington, after her husband's death, and in her turn was struck by paralysis and bedridden.