Bedroll [noun]

Definition of Bedroll:

fabric bag for sleeping in

Synonyms of Bedroll:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bedroll:


Sentence/Example of Bedroll:

The night after, while I lay huddled in my shirtcloak and blanket by the fire, I saw Cuinn slip out of his bedroll and steal away.

Martin, rolled up in his bedroll on the floor of the empty hayloft, woke with a start.

The sheep fed below, and her horse, with a bedroll across its back, nibbled not far away.

Ellis dived to his bedroll and rose to a kneeling position with his own rifle.

You'll find a spare bedroll in the crate you carried by yourself back at the Manila Hotel.

Slim massaged the soles of his feet until Chuck returned with his bedroll.

Ellis spread his bedroll beside the wagon while Joe sought his bed inside.