Bedrooms [noun]

Definition of Bedrooms:

place for sleeping

Synonyms of Bedrooms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bedrooms:


Sentence/Example of Bedrooms:

From the hallway, without entering his bedroom, she inspected Ferdinand and told the family he was getting ready to transition, Connie said.

Gen Z is more likely to be inhabiting smaller apartments or living with their parents, making the office a more welcome change than it might be for someone working out of their spare bedroom.

Entire office buildings sit empty as work has transitioned from cubicles and shared desks to kitchen tables and spare bedrooms.

Alfred Kinsey catalogued the enormous variety of sexual practices unspooling inside suburban bedrooms.

Madhav says his bedroom was messy, and his parents were always after him to clean it up.

For three days Black Sheep was shut in his own bedroom—to prepare his heart.

Mrs. Haughstone mentioned it in due course, however, having watched the tête-à-tête from her bedroom window, unobserved.

He, too, sought his bedroom, a cool apartment with a balcony outside the French window.

As a matter of fact, he burst his way past my scandalized valet into my bedroom and woke me up.

The tired children clambered into the "bedroom," Jess coming last with the wounded dog.