Beds [noun]

Definition of Beds:

furniture for sleeping

Synonyms of Beds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beds:


Sentence/Example of Beds:

At night it flips over to reveal a true foam-mattress backside and create a 42-by-72-inch bed.

So sign up for a community garden space, turn over a backyard bed, or mount some planting boxes on your windows and get going.

At his bed and breakfast in southern Sweden, Carlsson used to rotate porridge duties with two friends, and guests always complimented their meals on days when he cooked.

A wall separated the office space from his bed around the corner.

For a-la-carte under bed storage, or bags that can move between beds, closets, and beyond, Dokehom has you covered.

The hospice and home health company AmeraCare provided the family with a hospital bed, oxygen tanks and medicine, but neither it nor Ochsner provided PPE, which was hard to come by at the beginning of the pandemic.

The classic kettle shape is hard to position in a tightly packed vehicle, but we were able to fit it into the truck bed without a problem.

Hundreds more people than before had to lay in a hospital bed as they fought it.

We got to make sure that we don’t have our deaths skyrocketing and too many folks in beds and not enough ventilators.

Blake’s father told the Chicago Sun-Times on Thursday that he was upset to learn his son was handcuffed to the hospital bed.