Bedspreads [noun]

Definition of Bedspreads:

thick, often quilted, covering for bed

Synonyms of Bedspreads:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bedspreads:


Sentence/Example of Bedspreads:

The valet had preceded him, opening his valise and smoothing out his evening clothes on the lace bedspread.

Margaret and Jessie appeared on the porch dragging a great bundle of their belongings tied up in a bedspread.

Eunice was knotting fringe for a bedspread, and it interested the child wonderfully.

Pean brought with him a cotton bedspread that had also once been white, but left this with the canoe.

The bedspread is worked in small diamonds, which are joined together by over-sewing.

But, undoubtedly, for bedspread purposes, there is nothing like the pinks or the blues.

She started crocheting the lace for a new bedspread for her company bedroom yesterday.

A stick of candy may induce a child to go to bed agreeably each night, but the candy may spoil other things than the bedspread.

Honor laid his hand gently back on the bedspread of exquisite Mexican drawnwork and stood up.

This cart was gaily decorated with a canopy which was in fact an exquisitely embroidered silken bedspread.