Bedstead [noun]

Definition of Bedstead:

furniture for sleeping

Synonyms of Bedstead:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bedstead:


Sentence/Example of Bedstead:

The windows and dressing-table were covered with white muslin, and there was a canopy of the same above the little brass bedstead.

Have both a feather bed and a mattress upon the bedstead, that she may place whichever she prefers uppermost.

Some of the finest and handsomest articles of the bedstead in the city, are at the establishment of Mr. Boyd.

He sat down on the side of the cheap, iron bedstead, and emptied his pockets on the top quilt.

They had built a raised bedstead of poles inside their tent, and this structure remained in place.

By David's invitation the Wisconsin boys slept that night on the bedstead in the tent.

I nebbah sleep on a bedstead till aftah freedom, no'm till aftah freedom.

A little to my office, to put down my yesterday's journall, and so abroad to buy a bedstead and do other things.

Then came the pitch-pine staves of a rice-cask; then a bedstead, a broken chair, a wooden flowerpot!

This contained a wooden bedstead and some simple furniture, for luxuries are not popular on cattle-ranches.