Beefier [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Beefier:

There was short, beefy Sergeant McGinty, a representative from the police who was to serve as coordinator.

His red, beefy face was corded and knotted with tension, and his skin glistened with oily perspiration.

He who was always beefy became beefier; his eyes bulged out with fury.

It needed a beefy person with fat legs and a large amount of inexplicable dignity, a regular God-knows-why loftiness.

Yet a careful observer might have noticed that the pulse of his beefy neck was beating faster than usual.

But Beefy's greeting to the visitor instantly dispelled her hopes.

He used a red-and-blue handkerchief to wipe the dampness from his beefy neck.

He was too beefy to begin with, though I suppose that wasn't his fault.

I stood and looked at him, a broad, beefy man with a shrewd Scottish countenance.

At the Kalongosi meadow one of Mohamad's men shot a buffalo, and he gave me a leg of the good beefy flesh.