Beehive [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Beehive:

It is of beehive structure, and a regular little ease in pattern; for the inmate can neither sit, stand, nor lie in any comfort.

I was told I could have either a break-wind of boughs or a beehive hut, and on consideration I chose the latter.

Pawnee Lodge, thatched with prairie grass, in form of a straw beehive.

Every monastery was an inn, as well as a beehive, to which all travellers resorted, and where no pay was exacted.

They were generally industrious; every convent was a beehive, in which various kinds of manufactures were produced.

In Mycenæ we find the “Tomb of Atreus,” a magnificent building in the form of a beehive.

Bob waved comprehensively toward the beehive of industry that surrounded them.

Of all the geysers, Beehive perhaps approaches nearest to artistic perfection.

From a small, beehive-like mount it sends up a slender column of water vertically and symmetrically two hundred feet.

I demanded, resenting the fact that he could stand as silent as a December beehive before my morosely questioning eyes.