Beelines [noun]

Definition of Beelines:

direct route

Synonyms of Beelines:

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Sentence/Example of Beelines:

In a wide circle they swung, climbing, climbing higher and higher, and then headed in a beeline straight toward the German tauben.

Its almost a beeline, Andy, and the Racing Star is built for speed.

"That they're there, and coming toward us on a beeline," Dave replied with a nod toward the approaching flying boats.

A horseman was seen to be clearing a piney wood at the extreme limit of the horizon, and gallop in a beeline towards them.

Crag calculated that a beeline to Bandit would just about skirt the southeast end of the spur.

The bear reared up, gave a terrific growl and again shambled forward, this time making a beeline for the wagon.

This they can see for a long distance as he makes a beeline for his home.

He waggled his wings, then turned and made a beeline for the city.

Beeline, the straightest possible line of route to a given point.

I rushed through the camp, shooting to the left and right, but keeping a beeline after Powder Face and his rider.