Been [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Been:

I'd a-been gone long before now if I hadn't had to go over town arter some things I need.

No poorest man on earth would change places with this man-that-might-have-been, for his time draws nigh and his end is perdition.

His dreams were ended, the "might-have-been" would never be, but he knew that there was peace in that little breast at last.

A formidable rival to this magnificent fall of water has-been discovered by that indefatigable traveller, Dr. Livingston.

Paht ob dey eddications must a-been neglected ef dey gotter be tied up ter keep 'em whar yo' wants 'em fer ter stay at.

"Be careful, and don't make me a has-been," David cautioned.

I reckon one of them must a-been a boy, and the other a big man, judgin from the marks.

"If it hadn't a-been for you, I'd ha' died in the wood," he said.

Returned home, and friendly received in his high rank of a “has-been” and “recovered” prodigal?

She ceased to regret that snug might-have-been, little, grocery business in a country town.