Beeping [noun]

Definition of Beeping:

sound from electronic device

Synonyms of Beeping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beeping:


Sentence/Example of Beeping:

"The beep's from the North Pole," the instrument man reported instantly.

You try to keep the beep increasing in loudness as it gets fainter if you are turning to either side.

Joe heard an insistent, swift beep-beep-beep-beep which would be the radars of the approaching jets.

When you are headed properly you pick up a steady beep on your radio.

They have a long pole, or staff, in their hands to beep themselves from falling.

A proposal so atrocious had beep made, in the case of little William, at the very outset, and had met with but slight opposition.

Getting a fix on Pluto was easy enough; the lighthouse station at Styx broadcast a strong beep sunward every ten seconds.

He looks as if he'd like to pinch everybody around, and slap 'em into the cooler, just to beep his hand in.

Now Beryl should have beep upstairs marking the new linen and she should93 not be singing as though she owned the whole world.

Adonis and all the other Sun lords were supposed to have beep born in a cave on 25th December.